… literally.
All concepts as Stylists, Top Hairdressing, Beauty Advisors are outdated.
As hairdresser the elements to achieve professionality means to be inspiring, perceive beauty and acuity at good taste, especially when the main objective is to accomplish “beauty”.

We are a Hairdressing Studio specialized on an exceptional personalised service to other hairdressers, forward in our approach to imbue our way of understanding the profesión.

we are ARTISANS.


Craftsmanship approach is based on a philosophy of three elements, manual skills, shrewdness and a device to conceive more dexterity.

Picturing a world where things are well done, the goal is to enjoy the course of creation within our acumen. Entrenched in our philosophy to deliver the concept of craftsmen and that each task is an evocation and a personal attainment.

Our tecnhique consists of three sections:

visagism / adaptation


Our prime anchor consist on the ability to choose the best hair colour for your skin tone, and magically create the perfectly wearable cut for the physical characteristics of the person. That is the ítem of our profession that establishes the difference between Haute Couture and “prêt-à-porter”, forgotten by the majority of professionals.

Preserving the uniqueness of each person, we strive to be innovating and trendy, that are essential and invaluable cuddles to cleverness and imagination, images of beauty settled in our mind to be explored.
Because we involve faces, involve feelings, each social expression, every joy and every disappointment.

coupe papillon


Developed from the basic technique of cutting in terms of their spatial positioning, but not for its finishing. It combines traditional cut with the thinning, formerly carried out with a knife, the uniqueness of this technique is based on the vibration of the blade and not in its slid over the flake.
The main peculiarity is the realization on dry hair, which allows an implementation and far greater results from the traditional method.



Application technique of reflexes, or highlights, whose main difference with traditional techniques such as the foil strips when highlighting, lies in the fact that this procedure does not require any type of insulation that separates the product of a highlight to another or of the chemical to the scalp.
Compared to other well known techniques such as the “comb pacht,” it differs basically on the distribution of the product.

The glissé techique, draws its strength in the slid of the product and its possibilities to distribute the product and choose the thickness of each streak.
The most innovative element of this technique is the freedom which you experience as professional regarding thicknesses, deeptness or localization. The other procedures disable any return in the execution.



Our workshops are developed in three stages, the aim is to have a specific knowledge on the three concepts we manage, but we are open to all possibilities through monographic formations on any of the subjects.

To achieve better results as much for professional and economical issue, we work in order to achive professional from the same salón performing in the client`s location.

bespoke hairdressing


Hair salon concept extended since the beginning of this century has its days numbered. Hairdressing fast food must exist, it is necessary, but every professional self-respecting must achieve excellence to difference themselves.

Gaining high class customer passes without doubt by exhibit a refined technique to provide in each and every one of its facets, specificity, duration and adaptation within a few upper parameters offered by the media.

The price for the service offered should be linked to these parameters, in order to provide evidence of something that has been studied and specifically tailored to. So simple it is, we must be better.