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Telephone: 93-490-92-97

Carrer d’Ibèria 16 – 08014

Barcelona – Sants


You need to know of us:

You have to know that we are not any powerful company and why you should not expect from us a technological deployment, media or a large dimensions organization.

We are artisans that have remained focused on our workshop for two decades, working hard, wondering why of each thing, risking each client, looking for other ways to do what we had been told that was already invented, sifting through what seemed impossible.

We are real.
We are small on the outside and big on the inside.
We are lovers of beauty.
In us you will find encouragement, respect and dedication.

DWhere the different languages are not a disandvantage. When you handle the mind and the tool with dexterity, communication among professionals becomes universal.

From dedication has emerged the capacity,
the sculpting instead of cutting,
the painting instead of dyeing,
to discover instead of copying,
playing in place of work,
living in place to survive.

Our message is aimed to all those who want to do more, to those who are lack of tools to extract the beauty that remains in their minds.

We are a tool ….
the tool in one of the best.